Brad Post, VP of Engineering at Synapse

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Sankaet Pathak
August 19, 2020

Today I am pleased to welcome Brad Post to Synapse as our VP of Engineering.

Brad has a 29-year track record of delivering high-caliber cloud and software products for organizations such as Microsoft, Apple, and most recently ShieldAI. As Brad explains, “I have worked on launching the first PowerPC based personal computers, written AI and UI for space combat games from LucasArts (X-Wing & TIE Fighter), written hardware emulators for both Windows PCs and Sony Playstation, re-architected the Macintosh version of Microsoft Office, designed and implemented the first GPU virtualization system for Hyper-V, developed a Cloud based IPTV solution, qualified and shipped FaceID, and most recently, built an engineering organization to help ship autonomous drones that protect our military members.”

This is Brad’s first foray into banking and financial services, and he’s excited to bring his experience in building resilient and robust products to fintech. At Synapse, Brad will lead our Backend, Frontend, Machine Learning, and Engineering Services teams with the shared goal of delivering high-quality products and services to our customers that scale with their growing needs. Brad is one of the sharpest technical architects that I’ve ever come across and he shares our values of a diverse, agile, and progressive engineering culture and a “hard sciences” approach. Brad also shares our mission of bringing best in class financial products to everyone worldwide. As he explains,

“I chose Synapse now because the socio-economic changes that have happened in our country and around the world have brought into focus how important it is for everyone to have inexpensive and easy access to financial services. Enabling this access gives us the ability to improve the lives of everyone in the U.S. and the world. I’m excited about bringing about that change and I think Synapse is the place where we can make it happen.”

As Synapse continues to scale and build the financial infrastructure for customers of all sizes, we are committed to adding strong leaders to Synapse’s management team to work with us through our next phase of growth.

Welcome, Brad!

Sankaet Pathak

Founder & CEO @ Synapse

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