Subnets: Virtual Account Numbers

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Sankaet Pathak
October 25, 2017

This year we have been hard at work building out a full stack deposit product. In the spirit of that effort, today we are launching our virtual account number issuing product.

We call this feature Subnets. Subnets are virtual account and routing numbers issued on top of Synapse managed Deposit Accounts. Developers can use subnets to allow users to be able to fund their deposit account via external ACH or Wire transfers.

Here is how they work:

Step 1. Create a user profile and add KYC [Link to API]

Step 2. Create a deposit node¹ [Link to API]

Step 3. Create a subnet on top of the deposit node [Link to API]

That’s it. Now the user can send payments to the returned account number and when the funds come in, they will be posted on the node in form of a transaction².


Subnets are now in public beta. If you wish to integrate this into your existing products, please feel free to reach out to us at

[1] Fun fact — subnets can be created on top of DDAs or sub-accounts.

[2] If you have created a Subscription webhook for TRANS|POST , you will be alerted with a webhook when a new transaction is posted on the ledger.

Sankaet Pathak

Founder & CEO @ Synapse

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