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Sankaet Pathak
September 24, 2018

We are finally announcing our much-anticipated loan origination and servicing product. This product is currently available in sandbox for testing and feedback.

With our Loans product, developers can issue and service short-term unsecured loans. Currently, we will be supporting one-time loans and revolving line of credit. Here are the differences between both:

  1. One-time loan: These loans are disbursed to use at the time of origination. Once the user pays the loan, the loan account is closed. A good example of this is Affirm. With Affirm, consumers get a loan at the point of sale and then over the course of next few months, they pay off the loan.
  2. Revolving line of credit: This is like a credit card. Consumers get approved for a line of credit which they can draw against and as they pay off the balance, they can draw more. This is what Final was trying to do.

In the future, we will enable issuing a card number on top of these loan accounts, which would essentially turn these accounts into credit cards.


We are very excited about this product and cannot wait to see what developers will build on top of this. If you wish to learn more or want to build some cool products on top of this, please reach out to us at

You can also read more about our loan product here:

Sankaet Pathak

Founder & CEO @ Synapse

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