Remote Deposit Capture (RDC)

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Sankaet Pathak
October 22, 2018

Today we are launching support for Remote Deposit Capture on our deposit accounts.

This is how RDC is traditionally done:

  1. Find a vendor who can give you an SDK for RDC [Example]
  2. Find a bank who will accept and process the files generated from the SDK
  3. Write a Check21 file parser [Example]
  4. Write logic for returns and risk management

Here is how you do RDC with us:

Deposit a check electronically by submitting an image of the front and back of a check. No SDKs required. We’ll even accept and process a check that looks like this:

We are able to do this with the help of our computer vision stack. This is the same stack we use for other products, eg:


We are very excited about this product and cannot wait to see what developers will build on top of this. If you wish to learn more or want to build some cool products on top of this, please reach out to us at

Check out our API docs for Remote Deposit Capture here:

Sankaet Pathak

Founder & CEO @ Synapse

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